Social Media is NOT the Field of Dreams

The biggest mistake that many businesses make in the Social Media marketing realm is operating with what I call the “Field of Dreams” Mindset. They create a Facebook Page. They might create an Instagram and Twitter account. They post a picture or two every week with a nice caption. And they assume that because they built it, that people will come. Unfortunately, that is the furthest thing from the truth with today’s Social Media landscape.

Your social media strategy needs to be more than simply existing. You need to set goals and actively pursue them. Are you looking to grow brand awareness? Are you looking to drive traffic to your website or your storefront? Are you looking to generate leads? Are you looking to start conversations?

Most likely, you are looking to do a combination of the above, and then some.

Never mind the algorithms that platforms like Facebook utilize to completely bury your posts in people’s timelines…you need to operate with the mindset that the world does not owe you or your business any of its attention. You must demand it. Actively.

What steps can you take to kick your Social Media marketing up a notch?

  • Create Stunning Content – Spend time, and maybe even a bit of money, to create stunning graphics to go along with your posts. Every social media platform is growing more and more saturated with competition in every niche with each passing day. You have to put effort in to stand out from the noise.
  • Use Hashtags – Proper use of hashtags on each platform is an easy way to get your posts in front of your target audience. Instagram, for example, allows you to use up to 30 hashtags per post. Are you utilizing that free form of advertising?
  • Seek Out Your Target Audience and Engage with Them – Engagement is a two-way street. People do not like being talked at. But they do enjoy being talked TO. Spend time seeking out people in your target audience and engage with them. Follow them. Leave genuine comments on their posts. Join conversations on Twitter. Be genuine.
  • Pay to Boost Your Posts – You will come to find that creating stunning content only goes so far when it is up against the algorithms that most social media platforms employ. For example, if you have 2,000 Facebook followers and post your latest blog post, you will be lucky if Facebook presents your post to 5% of your followers. For minimal spend, you can pay to boost your post to a large number of your followers, as well as people that fall within your target audience and are not yet following you.
  • Create Paid Campaigns that Align with Your Goals – Social Media platforms, most notably, Facebook, give you the ability to run paid campaigns with objectives such as growing your page following, generating leads, driving traffic to your website, creating conversations, etc. There are many ways to start with a small budget with these campaigns to split-test various approaches to see what delivers the best ROI for your business.

Of course, this list is barely scraping the surface of how to seriously boost your social media marketing strategy, but it will certainly get you well on your way.

Take some time today to scrutinize how your business is presently handling its social media marketing and overall presence. If I can be of any assistance whatsoever in the planning or execution of your social media marketing strategy, shoot me an email at

Happy Marketing!

Shawn Flynn – Founder, Socially Winning Marketing (

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